Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Counselling Services

Coastal Counselling adopt a Person-centred humanistic approach to our variety of Counselling Services here in Aberystwyth;


This modality was founded in the 1940s by the American psychologist Carl Rogers who believed that when provided with the correct conditions, a person can reach their full potential and become their true self. He called this ‘self-actualisation’ and this process is innate and accessible to us all.


In order to support you to work towards self-actualisation, your counsellor will offer;

  • unconditional positive regard (UPR) – accepting and valuing you

  • congruence - being honest and transparent in how they experience you and your world

  • empathic understanding – seeing your viewpoint as if they were you


We believe that you are the expert in yourself and treat you as such. You will not be judged no matter what you bring to the session – the counselling is led by you and not directed by the counsellor. Working in this way supports the development of a trustworthy and meaningful relationship in which you can feel safe to disclose what is troubling you.


This way of working will increase your autonomy and help you to feel confident enough to cope with current and future problems. 


You can find out more information about counselling on the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy website: